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Floating Sphere Water Fountains with Genuine Rose Quartz

Product Code F352L
Size 7"
Retail Price:$590.00
Our Price: $530.00

For Indoor Use Only.

Your home or office ambiance will be immeasurably enhanced by the addition of an indoor fountain made from semi-precious stone. Every Floating Sphere Fountain is unique, no two are alike. Therefore, all dimensions are approximate due to variations in rock and crystals.

This indoor fountain is precision calibrated with an illuminated crystal sphere which seems to defy gravity as it dances on an invisible thin film of softly surging water.

Allow yourself to be intrigued with the interaction of sparkling light, shimmering water and sensuous sound.

Nothing else soothes like the sound of running water, yet there is an additional benefit to our amazing gemstone fountains. They release negative ions, thereby purifying your environment.

The Floating Sphere Fountain is self-contained. The hand in-laid marble bowl, decorative pebbles, pump and applicable light are all included. Simply set-up, add water and plug in. Then relax and feel wonderful in new found tranquility.

Bowl Color - Black & White


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